This is the companion website for Rabbi Reuven Cohn's recording of:

From the Passover Haggadah to the Mishnah and Back:
An Introduction to Rabbinic Literature

The recording is of a class that was held over three nights for the purpose of being made available on the web for others to listen to. See also "About Reuven Cohn" and "About Reuven Cohn's Haggadah Recordings".

The recording was produced by Dan Bricklin.
The Recording Files
The recording consists of the following seven files (listed with length in hours:minutes:seconds and size in megabytes):

Please Note! These are preliminary, "beta test" versions of the recordings. If you download them, please let Reuven Cohn know at rabbicohn@gmail.com and then send him feedback after you have finished listening to them. Thank you!

RCohn-Haggadah-1.mp3 - Part 1 (28:15, 13MB) Session 1a

RCohn-Haggadah-2.mp3 - Part 2 (1:07:41, 31MB) Session 1b

RCohn-Haggadah-3.mp3 - Part 3 (1:06:59, 31MB) Session 2a

RCohn-Haggadah-4.mp3 - Part 4 (43:08, 20MB) Session 2b

RCohn-Haggadah-5.mp3 - Part 5 (1:06:26, 30MB) Session 3a

RCohn-Haggadah-6.mp3 - Part 6 (19:24, 9MB) Session 3b

RCohn-Haggadah-7.mp3 - Part 7 (29:07, 13MB) Session 3c
The Printed Material
You can get a copy of the printed material used in the recording by printing out the following PDF file:

Listening to the Files
Technically, there are many ways to listen to these files. Use the one that is most appropriate to your situation. If you don't understand these instructions, you can most likely find a friend or family member who does and ask them for help.

If you are using Apple's iTunes, or an equivalent system that supports podcasts, you can subscribe to a podcast feed that you can use to automatically download all of the audio files. In iTunes, you "subscribe" to the podcast series by using the "Subscribe to Podcast" menu sub-item item on the "Advanced" menu. Type in the web address:
You can then go to the Podcast section of your iTunes library to find the recordings. If it doesn't automatically download all seven parts, click the "Get All" button next to the podcast name.

In most other cases, you will want to download the files to your computer. You can do that by right-clicking (ctrl-click on a Mac) with your mouse on the link to each file and then (depending on which type of brower you are using) by selecting the "Save Target As...", "Save Link As...", or "Save Linked File As..." command.

Once downloaded, you can do any of the following: On many computers you can also just click on the links above to temporarily download the file to your computer and then automatically run the built-in music player. The download can take a long time to complete before the file starts to play depending upon your Internet connection speed. This requires being connected to the Internet while listening and is least recommended (it puts the most burden on this website in some cases) but can be used if there is no alternative.
Feedback would be appreciated. Please contact Reuven Cohn at rabbicohn@gmail.com.
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